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You’ve got meetings to attend, documents to prepare, employees to manage, more meetings, more budgets to draw, more clients to please, more targets to meet.

You could say, you’ve got a universe to run. Let’s deal with the nitty-gritty, so you can get on with the really important stuff.

We’ve got it.

Customer Relationship Management Software

Being pressured with deadlines and bombarded with information on a minute by minute basis is the norm for business these days. The challenge is to find a simple solution that maximizes your time and effortlessly organizes emails, documents, projects and tasks. Envision has developed an innovative solution e-CRM - that brings these management capabilities to your desktop; resulting in improved productivity and satisfaction for all.

e-CRM supports our mission: “To supply tools and services that improves the satisfaction and productivity of employees so that business success comes from within.”


ERP Software
Human Resource software
With our ERP Software your company can improve the strategic drive and efficiencies of financial, human capital, and operational processes. With enhanced enterprise productivity and insight from the ERP application, you have the power needed to adapt quickly and cost effectively to changing business, market, and industry requirements with ERP solutions that include: Human Resources, Operations, Financials e.t.c   Envision’s e-HR significantly reduces the amount of time that your human resources department spends managing employee information. Easily create reports in an instant that showcase your staff's competencies. Free up resources to address mission critical projects. Manage employee benefits, benefit plans, and time and attendance information and produce and customize cost saving reports from a central database with efficient human resource software.
Payroll Management Software
Inventory Management

Use our payroll management software as a stand-alone payroll system or integrate with our powerful human resource management software. e-Payroll processes payroll faster and produces reports immediately with the ability to analyze payroll and deduction allocations by any parameter.

Integrate with your general ledger to ease your accounting. File taxes, effect National Social Security Fund payments, make direct deposits and file electronic forms in minutes with our payroll software solution.


e-Tracker Systems is a specially designed Inventory Control Software application for Public Warehouses, Manufacturers, Distributors and companies needing a powerful program to track and manage their assets. We also provide Bar Coding and Scanning as an option for all of our products. e-Tracker, is a comprehensive inventory management and inventory tracking software application.

It also provides Comprehensive reporting and analysis, combined with complete security protection providing a total solution for your Inventory Software needs.
The application can even store pictures. It allows the user the ability to store images for each asset in their inventory. Images may be stored in either linked or embedded BMP or JPEG formats.
Quickly create purchasing, receiving, invoicing, pricing, product allocation, Bar Coding, forms, and shipping functions. All in one convenient package