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Meet your new Personal Assistant

You’ve got meetings to attend, documents to prepare, employees to manage, more meetings, more budgets to draw, more clients to please, more targets to meet.

You could say, you’ve got a universe to run. Let’s deal with the nitty-gritty, so you can get on with the really important stuff.

We’ve got it.


Envision’s consultants provide strategic consulting services in Project Management, Business Analysis and IT Service Management to help organizations adopt best practices and perform better.

In this ever changing world of globalization, a modern organization exits on a strong foundation derived from its Vision & Mission. The corporate objectives keep the organization focused on the bigger picture and the corporate strategy helps the organization achieve these corporate objectives through short-term milestones and functional objectives. What differentiates a successful player from an unsuccessful one are the current organizational practices and the flexibility to adapt these to the changing external competitive environment.

With globalization, organizations are under greater pressure to increase operational efficiency and speed-to-market. In order to be competitive in this era, an organization needs to adopt best practices in Project Management, Business Analysis and IT Service Management.
Envisions solutions are based on our unique consulting models.

Software Development
Business Analysis

Custom software development means developing software that precisely and tightly fits the requirements of a client – and wholly depending upon their specific business needs. With standard ‘commercial’ software solutions, the client has to adapt and change their business processes to suit the ‘off-the-shelf’ package.

Our custom software will be designed for the way a client’s processes work. The benefits are enormous to any business engaged in a complex or specialised industry sector.

Our experience in developing applications allows us to tailor a solution to suit any business profile.


Envision brings an assorted set of analytical tools to bear on our clients’ business and operational challenges. We help companies assess markets, perform cost-benefit analyses, develop business plans, and more. The result is companies that manage their financial resources more effectively, and accomplish their missions more successfully.

Also, as IT Business Analysts, we produce specification documents that define requirements and outline solutions that are used as a communications bridge between the business customer and the software engineers that will be responsible for designing and developing a technical solution for our clients.

Project Management
Strategic Planning

At Envision we provide we provide a comprehensive and friendly project management service. Our dedicated project managers are fully qualified and equipped with the appropriate knowledge, expertise and experience to support either substantive single or multiple stakeholder projects.

Our project management services team will maintain effective liaison with key people and organisations, both internal and external, to ensure that projects are delivered according to plan, on time and within budget.


Proper strategy formulation is vital. We assist companies to identify, develop, and execute engaging strategies, offering guidance and capacity building at every stage of the strategic process. Our consultants help clients with their most complex strategic challenges and build tailored solutions to help them achieve sustained growth.

We guide client's in enabling them choose where to focus in order to prevail over their competition, and ultimately generate higher returns. The result is companies that manage their financial resources more effectively, and accomplish their missions more successfully.